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You are doing your laundry all wrong...

Here at Lucy's Laundry, we've seen a lot....from halloween costumes made of plastic to alcohol-soaked shop rags that caught our dryer on fire (true story). While these horror stories (pun intended) have bee challenging for us, we've learned a lot of valuable information. Below are a few more tame suggestions for your washing pleasure...

  1. Know your clothes - Know what your clothes are made of! Cotton, polyester, nylon, etc all wash and dry differently. Don't care about your old t-shirt? No problem - wash it hot and dry it hot. Have a vintage WWII M65 cotton jacket from your grandfather you love? Wash it according to its material (see our previous blog post on washing instructions: "What do those laundry tags mean anyway")

  2. Learn to hang dry - at Lucy's, we offer single-vend pricing for our dryers as well as normal and big-sized dryers. There is one reality though: not all clothes should be dried. Assume that your clothes will shrink 1-2 cm+ (even those pre-shrunk). Word to the wise: if you like the way it fits out of the store, dry LOW or hang dry. BONUS TIP: Hang your shirts inside out to avoid shoulder bumps!

  3. If it is destroyed, try the warranty - turns out there are lots of brands that value their product lifespan and guarantee them with lifetime warranties. If your garment is absolutely destroyed, see this list of brands that may be able to reimburse you, courtesy of GOBankingRates. Lastly, don't forget the valuable AMEX purchase protection if you made your purchase with an American Express.

Have other suggestions? Drop us a line in the comments!

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