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5 Strategies for Removing Stains

It doesn’t matter how much you try. You are going to get stains on your clothes from time to time. In a perfect world, you could wave a magic wand and the stains would disappear. The world might not be perfect, but it gets a lot better when you know some tricks for getting out stains.

Kiss Grease Goodbye with Dish Soap

It’s no secret that dish soap gets the grease out of dishes. Dish soap is also tough on grease stains in clothes. Rub a petroleum-based dish soap on the stain, let it sit for several minutes, and then put it in one of the Electrolux Professional washing machines at Lucy’s Laundry. These high-spin machines have the power to remove the dish soap and the stain residue, so you’ll feel like you waved a magic wand in front of the piece of clothing when you take it out.

This trick doesn’t just work on new stains. Take out some clothes with old grease stains on them and give it a try. You will be amazed.

Wipe Away Stains with Windex

You probably have a bottle of Windex at home for your windows. What you might not realize is that it can come in handy when it comes to your clothes as well. Just take out that bottle of Windex, use it to saturate the stain, and then leave it alone for 15 minutes. Once it soaks, put the piece of clothing in one of the powerful washing machines at Lucy’s Laundry. Kick back, surf the Internet on one of the free iPads, or watch some HDTV while the clothes are washing. Then, take your clothes out and see just how magical the combination of powerful washing machines and Windex can be.

Stand Up to Red Wine with Salt

Red wine is great with dinner … and lunch. And if your red wine fix causes a stain, don’t despair. Just take out the salt. Pour salt on the stain and then put the clothing in cold water. Take it out and blot it until the red wine stain is just a distant memory.

Freeze Gum Right Off

If you have kids, you have probably spent many a sleepless night trying to remove gum from clothing. You lift and scrape and end up with a nasty, sticky stain. Get your rest back by freezing the stain out. The best way to handle this is to put the article of clothing into the freezer, but if that isn’t an option, put an ice pack right on the gum. Once the gum hardens, lift it right off. There won’t be a stain, and you will have your sanity back.

Spray Ink Into Submission

From school to work, ink stains happen. Remove them quickly and easily with some hairspray. Saturate the stain with hairspray, count to 30, and then start blotting. The ink will quickly disappear.

As you can see, you can fight back against just about any type of stain. Gather up your laundry and some household supplies and then stay goodbye to those pesky stains.


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