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Lucy's is OPEN

Lucy's is committed to remaining open to continue to allow for our customers to keep safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus.  We are open normal business hours and taking the following precautions:

  1. High Touch Sanitizing - our team is sanitizing high-touch surfaces every 2 hours for your safety including wash buttons, dials, and iPads, and X-Changers.  We will also be providing sanitizing wipes for customer use during attended hours.

  2. Attendant Shifts & Gloves - our team will be wearing gloves during all interactions with each-other and customers.  Attendant shifts will abide by social distancing to reduce attendant-to-attendant contact and all attendants will require doctor clearance if they display signs of sickness.

  3. Wash Cycles & Detergent - we have confirmed with our vendors that our fluff n fold detergent is effective against viruses.  Where possible, we will be moving to high-heat wash and high-heat dry.

  4. Self Serve Customers - please continue using soap and request from an attendant if you need Lucy's soaps.  Wash & dry on high heat as per CDC guidelines for effective protection against the virus.

Lucy's recognizes the importance of serving the community at this important time. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.  Our hours will remain consistent at 4am-11pm daily for self serve and 9am-5pm for fluff n fold.

On behalf of the Lucy's team, we appreciate this community in Anaheim and look forward to working together to get through this challenging time.

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