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3 Strategies for Speeding-up your Laundry Day

Expediting your laundry can be a difficult task to take on. For our first post, we will be outlining some strategies for streamlining your laundry experience allowing you to spend more time doing what you do best: enjoy your life.


  1. Set yourself a calendar reminder so that you regularly clean your laundry. Use google calendar to remind you 1 day ahead so that you can plan your trip to the laundromat.

  2. Pre-sort your clothing and bring multiple LaundryBags (try these from Container Store). Here is the key - sort by fabric instead of color - see this article on Apartment Therapy for more details

  3. Pre-treat any spot cleaning in the hamper a day ahead of time, that way your clothes have already been spot treated and are ready for the washer

Know your cycle time!

  1. Read the cycle time on the card reader and set a timer on your iPhone or Android. Stagger multiple loads so that while one load is still drying, you are folding your clothes.

Fold with incredible efficiency

  1. Pre-pair your socks. The moment you take them off, attach a bobby pin or paper clip through them to keep them together. That way, once you wash there is no need to find and pair socks!

  2. Fold your clothes using a different strategy - see this video for how to become a folding ninja

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